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The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is a voluntary product standard for tracking and verifying the content of recycled materials in a final product. The standard applies to the full supply chain and addresses traceability, environmental principles, social requirements, chemical content and labeling. With GRS certification, you can communicate to customers your commitment to truth in materials and support for a circular economy that reduces waste by using it to make new products.Shincell got the GRS certificate on Sep.20th.,2022, through collecting, extrusion, mechanical recycling, non-woven manufacturing to achieve our foam recycling.
Strict quality control system to provide customers with high quality products and technical support.
Production line
What’s physical foaming?
Shincell uses N2 and CO2 gases commonly found in the airto expand plastics and form a large number of micro andnano bubbles inside, a purely physical foaming process.
Supercritical physical foaming process
Founder: Dr. Xiulei, Jiang

2003.9-2009.5 East China University of Science & Technology, Ph.D

2015.10-2018.10 Zhejiang University, Postdoctor

Over 15 years of experience in microcellular foaming technology Ph.D research topic: Microcellular Polypropylene foaming Postdoctor research topic: Microcellular thermoplastic polyurethane foaming Firstly proposing the solid-state compression-mold foaming in the world. First prize of science and technology progress, shanghai 2020
Our advantages
Strategic Opportunities
Shincell's technology and products are correctly oriented to meet the requirements of the era of sustainable development.Lightweight and high performance of materials,green manufacturing, environmentally friendly products, recyclable are the typical features of the company's products.The urgent demand for domestic substitution of key materials for semiconductors and military industry, the construction of 5G, the high-speed expansion of new energy batteries, and the environmental protection of brand customers and general consumers, all indicate that our products are born at the right time and have great potential.
Core Technology Advantages
We have built a general technology platform of polymer microcellular foamed sheet with originality, realized the microcellular foaming of many kinds of polymers, opened the key link of mass production, and stocked the technology of anhydrous particle foaming and shaped body foaming. The company is the first company in the world to realize TPU/TPEE/PEBAX/ PA12 sheet foaming and the second company in the world to realize PVDF sheet foaming, these lightweight materials have huge application opportunities and broad market prospects.
Key Time Points Review
Registration & Establishment
The company was established in Suzhou High-tech Zone
Appointed as national high-tech enterprise.
A round of financing completed
The second phase of the company's plant started construction