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Advanced Process Technology

Suzhou Shincell New Material Co., Ltd.

Shincell is a company dedicated to developing sustainable foaming technologies and manufacturing clean, environmentally friendly lightweight foam materials.

And it's a professional China high-strength foam materials manufacturer and microcellular foam board factory.

We use N2 and CO2 gases commonly found in the air to expand plastics and form a large number of micro and nano bubbles inside, a purely physical foaming process.Shincell was founded by Dr. Xiulei Jiang. He started his research on supercritical fluid foaming technology at East China University of Science and Technology in 2003 and proposed the technical process of supercritical molded microcellular foaming. His early interest lies in lightweight and high-strength foam materials, and his main product is PP microcellular foam sheets.
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Sports & Footwear Shincell specializes in the development and green manufacturing of clean and environmentally friendly high performance lightweight polymer foams.We use N2 and CO2 gases commonly found in the air to expand the plastic and form a large number of micro and nano bubbles inside. This is a purely physical foaming process with no chemical blowing agents added and no chemical cross-linking during the foaming process. Compared with traditional foaming materials, our material is recyclable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and meets the needs of sustainable development. Our solution solves the pain points of traditional foamed shoe materials which are toxic and harmful, not durable and not friendly to the environment, and greatly increases the compression resistance and resilience performance. TPU foam sheet is suitable for insole, midsole and filler. PEBA/PEBAX and TPEE foam sheetl are more suitable for midsole. Shincell's sustainable solutions: 1.The decomposition of existing chemical foaming agents for footware materials produces harmful substances and irritating odors Shincell - foaming with air, colorless, tasteless and non-toxic, belongs to the "three free products" 2.EVA foaming material performance decay and poor durability Shincell-can achieve self-repair, continue to provide a surge of power and gentle care 3.Limited choice of materials, performance into the bottleneck Shincell - a variety of high-performance elastomer support, combat power explosion 4.Existing footware materials are not friendly to the environment and cannot be reused Shincell - recyclable and bio-based raw materials 5.High unit cost of new foams already on the market Shincell-optimized process to achieve higher cost performance
Excellent and stable product quality
The company's raw materials are mainly from BASF, Huntsman, DuPont, first-class production process design and process control, each batch of products more stable, to obtain efficient production control.
World leading technology
We are the first company in the world to realize TPU/TPEE/PEBA/ PA12 sheet foaming and the second company in the world to realize PVDF sheet foaming, with leading technology and advanced equipment, and with strong market competitiveness.
Continuous and reliable product supply
The company has sufficient production capacity and a high degree of control over the quality and stable supply of raw materials, laying the foundation for continuous production.
Fast and intimate extended service
The company has always insisted on seamless service, carefully built an after-sales service team consisting of technical backbone, helped customers solve problems, established a customer file system, and strived to make the after-sales service faster and more intimate.
Introduction To Microcellular Foam Board
Microcellular Polypropylene foam, referred to as MPP, refers to polypropylene porous foam material with a cell size of less than 100 microns (more strictly defined as a cell size of less than 10 microns and a cell density greater than 10 to the 9th power/cm3). Due to the existence of a large number of micron-sized cells inside the material, MPP has excellent shock absorption, cushioning, heat insulation and sound absorption properties, and can be widely used in packaging, vehicles, bags, sports equipment and other fields. It is the traditional EVA, PU, The best substitute for PS foam material, EPE and EPP. Performance and Application Supercritical carbon dioxide technology (supercritical carbon dioxide) is used to prepare MPP. Carbon dioxide gas is introduced into the polypropylene material matrix under high temperature and high pressure, and its nucleation and foaming are induced to form a microcellular foam material containing a large number of micron-scale cells. The foaming process is clean and pollution-free, and the foamed products are hygienic and environmentally friendly. The PP material is not cross-linked during the foaming process, so it can be recycled and reused. Polypropylene (PP) itself is a non-toxic material, and it is a commonly used material for baby feeding bottles and microwaveable lunch boxes. The clean and hygienic MPP is especially suitable for the fields requiring high hygienic level of packaging materials such as medical equipment and food. It can also be used in children's puzzles, toys and other fields with high product health requirements, replacing the commonly used cross-linked PE foam and EVA foam made of AC foaming agent. PP is a semi-crystalline polymer, and its melting point is generally 150~170°C. Compared with PE, PS, and PU foam materials whose temperature resistance is only 70~80°C, MPP can be used at a temperature up to 120°C, so MPP is especially suitable for high-temperature packaging, high-temperature insulation and other fields. MPP integrates reinforcement, heat insulation and noise reduction, and is especially suitable for fields with high requirements for lightweight materials, such as automobiles, rail transit, ships, and fan blades. Lightweight and high-strength MPP thick boards are used as structural foams to replace traditional structural foams such as PVC/PU interpenetrating structural foams, PET structural foams, etc., especially as core materials for sandwich composite materials. Suzhou Shincell New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional Foam Sheet Manufacturers. If you need it, you can click the official website to contact us. We are willing to answer you for more information.
Properties Of PVDF Material
In 1969, researchers discovered that PVDF has a strong piezoelectric effect: the piezoelectric coefficient of the polarized (that is, put in a strong electric field to generate a net dipole moment) film is 6-7pC/N, which is higher than that of the polymers that had been discovered at that time. The value is more than 10 times larger. [3] PVDF has a glass transition temperature (Tg) of approximately −35°C and typically has a crystallinity of 50–60%. To impart piezoelectric properties to a material, the material is usually mechanically stretched along the direction of the molecular chain, and then polarized under tension. PVDF has a variety of solid phases: α phase (TGTG'), β phase (TTTT) and γ phase (TTTGTTTG'). The difference between these phases is whether the molecular chain is cis (T) or trans (G). PVDF will become a ferroelectric polymer after polarization, which has good piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity. These properties make it suitable for the production of sensors and batteries. For example, the sensors of some new thermal imaging cameras use PVDF films. Unlike some other piezoelectric materials, such as PZT, PVDF has a negative d33 value. In a physical sense, this means that PVDF contracts when other materials expand in an electric field, and vice versa. Suzhou Shincell New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional Foam Sheet Manufacturers. If you need it, you can click the official website to contact us. We are willing to answer you for more information.
How To Choose A Yoga Mat?
Before starting to talk about how to buy a yoga mat, please understand the difference between a yoga mat and a fitness mat. If there are still unclear children's shoes, it is recommended to read: I summed up the purchase method of yoga mats as follows: four views. ●Look at the material After reading other high praise answers, are you more confused? How many materials are there! How to choose?! There is no need to worry, because the yoga mat has undergone numerous iterative upgrades since its development, and the materials are unhealthy and unsafe. The problems have almost been solved, and the problems of what material and what thickness are all established by convention. The mainstream materials of yoga mats on the surface are nothing more than NBR, TPE, and natural rubber Q. The main features of these three materials have been listed in In the picture above, you can also read the article for more details. Therefore, when you buy, you can mainly filter the yoga mats of these three materials, and their materials have long been eliminated. ●Look at the thickness The thickness is related to your training level. It is recommended that newbies who have just entered the i door should choose a 68mm yoga mat, because the movement is not difficult at this time. It does not pursue stability, and pursues more comfort and protection. When you have a certain training foundation, and especially like yoga, and then promote to a thin-point or expensive mat, you will pay more attention to stability at this time. qualitative. . ●Look at the brand There is no big technical barrier for the yoga mat, and most manufacturers can do it, but for better quality and safety For the material, I recommend choosing a yoga mat with brand endorsement, which can be more worry-free. ● look at the budget Newbies who are just getting started are advised to choose a yoga mat experience of about 100 yuan, and when the technical level is improved, they especially like yoga, and they are not interested in the long-term Stick with it and consider choosing a high-end brand of yoga mat, the experience will definitely be different. Suzhou Shincell New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional MTPU Yoga Mat Factory. If you need it, you can click the official website to contact us, we are willing to answer more information for you.
Is It Better To Choose A Roll Or A Spliced ​​baby Play Mat?
We all must have a common question, is it better to choose a roll or a spliced ​​baby play mat? The reel game mat is inconvenient to store and takes up more space, but there will be no disconnection problem during use; the spliced ​​crawling mat is easy to store, but there will be disconnection problems during use. The two types of crawling mats have different For strengths and weaknesses, Baoma can choose according to the situation of her house and personal preferences. In addition to the difference between the roll (that is, the whole sheet) and the splicing of the game mat, the biggest difference is the difference in material. At present, the crawling mats sold in mother and baby stores are mainly made of four materials: EPE, EVA, XPE, and PVC. EPE is the cheapest, and it is not easy to recover after being pressed, and it will become thinner and thinner. EVA is mostly recycled, and the tetraamides in it will cause harm to the baby. PVC is currently the most high-end material, soft and comfortable, long service life, relatively high price. The safety and resilience of XPE are good. The key is that ordinary people can afford it, so there are still many families using it. Generally speaking, most spliced ​​crawling mats are made of EVA, so you need to check carefully when purchasing. When buying a game mat, be sure to check it carefully. When purchasing, please check whether it is discolored or has a peculiar smell. Do not buy a mat that is faded or has a strong smell. In addition, the thickness of the mat must be at least 1 cm, so as to protect the child well. Suzhou Shincell New Material Co., Ltd. is a Wholesale Mats. If you need it, you can click to enter the official website and get more detailed information from us.
What Material Is TPU?
TPU is called thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber, which is a kind of elastomer that can be plasticized by heating and dissolved by solvent. Mainly divided into polyester type and polyether type, which are white random spherical or columnar particles. TPU has excellent properties of high tension, high tensile force, toughness and aging resistance, and is a mature environmental protection material. At present, TPU has been widely used in medical and health, electronic appliances, industry and sports, etc. It has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, wear resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, aging resistance and weather resistance that other plastic materials cannot match. At the same time, he has many excellent functions such as high waterproof and moisture permeability, windproof, coldproof, antibacterial, mildewproof, warm, anti-ultraviolet and energy release. Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer TPU can be divided into polyester type and polyether type according to molecular structure, and can be divided into injection molding grade, extrusion grade, blow molding grade, etc. according to the processing method. Features: 1. High wear resistance: Taber wear index comparison between TPU and other materials (Abrasion conditions: CS17 wheel, 1000g/wheel, 5000r/m 23℃) Material Wear (mg) Material Wear (mg) TPU 0.5-3.5 Natural rubber 146 Nylon 610 16 Impact Resistant PVC 160 Mylar 18 Styrene Butadiene Rubber 177 Nylon 11 24 Plasticized PVC 187 HDPE 29 Butyl Rubber 205 PF 42 ABS 275 Butadiene rubber 44 CBR 280 Nylon 66 49 PS 324 LDPE 70 Nylon 6 366 2. Wide range of hardness: By changing the ratio of each reaction component of TPU, products with different hardness can be obtained, and with the increase of hardness, the products still maintain good elasticity. 3. High mechanical strength: TPU products have outstanding bearing capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption performance. Outstanding cold resistance: The glass transition temperature of TPU is relatively low, and it still maintains good elasticity, flexibility and other physical properties at minus 35 degrees. 4. Good processing performance: TPU can be processed by common processing methods of thermoplastic materials, such as injection, extrusion, calendering and so on. At the same time, the co-processing of TPU and some polymer materials can obtain polymer alloys with complementary properties. 5. Oil, water and mold resistant. Suzhou Shincell New Material Co.,Ltd. is a professional foam sheet manufacturers. For more information, please click the official website to contact us
What Kind Of Fitness Mat Is Suitable For Home Use?
一. What Material Is Better For Fitness Mats: Fitness mats made of different materials have different performance and experience. At present, the mat materials include NBR, TPE, PU rubber, and PVC, but these are all yoga mat materials and are not suitable for fitness. Yoga is mainly based on static training and stretching. Yoga mats are generally soft and delicate to the touch; Fitness is a high-intensity and large-scale running and jumping exercise, and the required mat requires excellent anti-slip and durability, as well as cushioning; Professional Fitness Mat Materials Are: 1. Rubber material: spliced ​​piece by piece, environmentally friendly material, good cushioning and shock absorption, wear resistance and tear resistance. Commercial gyms are used more; 2. High-density PVC: a whole large-sized mat, the surface layer is woven and strengthened, it can withstand high-intensity fitness, wear-resistant and does not drop slag, it is recommended for home indoor fitness. The biggest difference between the materials is the weight. The weight of the 8mm yoga mat is about 2kg, while the weight of the 7mm thick fitness mat of the same specification is 5kg. It has a high-density structure and real materials. The heavy weight is tiled to fit the ground, and the mat does not shift even when jumping and running. So the price will be slightly higher. 二. What Size Is More Suitable For: There are standard sizes of yoga mats, while fitness mats have various oversized sizes, which are selected according to the type of exercise and the size of the indoor space. A variety of super size options, choose the right size according to the space in your home. Choose large or small, large-sized sports are more enjoyable, of course, according to the size of the space. 三. Is The Fitness Mat Thicker? I don't know since when the quality of the cushion is related to the thickness. The thicker the better? In fact, it is not. Fitness exercise pays attention to the sense of support and stability. The thicker the cushion, the less stable it is, and many movements will not be done properly when the center of gravity is unstable. After testing, the thickness of the fitness mat is 6mm-8mm, and the thickness is moderate, the center of gravity will not be unstable, and at the same time, it can provide enough cushioning, shock absorption and noise reduction. Suzhou Shincell New Material Co.,Ltd. is a professional MTPU mats manufacturers, if you want to know more, please click the official website to contact us, we are willing to answer more questions for you
Two rounds of financing nearly 100 million RMB! Shincell New Material is highly committed to developing materials of high performance and green manufacturing process!
Published in Jiangsu, Suzhou High-tech Zone Technology Investment Center 2022-10-31 The good news Recently, Suzhou High-tech Zone Angel Fund Investment Enterprises and Suzhou Shincell New Material Co., Ltd. announced the completion of tens of millions Yuan A+ financing. After completing the round A financing this year in March, Shincell finished once again A+ financing considering its overall development strategy. At the moment, the accumulated financing of the two rounds reached nearly 100 million yuan in 2022. Suzhou #Shincell New Material Co., LTD Founded in March 2019, Shincell has been honored as "Leading Entrepreneur in High-tech Zone", "Leading Entrepreneur in Gusu", "Entrepreneurship and Innovation Talent in Jiangsu Province"! And Shincell has been recognized as "National High-tech Enterprise" and "Suzhou Engineering Technology Center". It received an investment from Angel Fund Investment Enterprises in 2021. The company focuses on R&D and manufacture of clean, environmental friendly, high-performance, lightweight polymer microcellular foaming materials. Shincell has designed and built its own production lines of foamed materials by the technology of supercritical foaming(SCF in short). Shincell owns independent intellectual property rights regarding these production lines and procedures. In the first phase, 4 production lines of supercritical foaming sheets were built with an annual capacity of 2000 tons. Shincell is committed to developing sustainable microcellular foaming technology and manufacturing clean and environmental friendly lightweight materials. At present, it is the first enterprise in the world to realize non-cross-linked physical microcellular foaming of thermoplastic materials. Shincell has set up complete product matrix for high performance polymer lightweight materials, owning over 20 patented products and technology. Products are widely used in the fields of footware, new energy battery, automotive interior, electronics, medical, aerospace and so on, cooperating with leading enterprises like Huawei, BYD, Adidas, Lining, Anta, KEEP ▲ The picture shows the #PP microcellular foaming material applied in Huawei 5G microwave antenna ▲ The picture shows the #PP microcellular foaming material applied in BYD blade battery ▲ The picture shows the #Peba microcellular foaming material applied in ANTA high performance running shoes A+ financing will be mainly used to expand the production lines, add 3D microcellular foaming project, accelerate the automation of its production line, etc. After this round of financing, Shincell can achieve an annual output of 5000 tons of polymer microcellular foaming materials and an annual output value of 200 million yuan. In the future, Shincell will fully strengthen its advantages, continue its R&D, further expand its market, and accelerate its step to become a listed company.
Introduction Of Foam Materials
Foamed material has a wide range of uses and is closely related to the basic industries of the national economy. It has maintained a stable and continuous growth of about 20% for many years. The material is soft. From the second half of 2008 to the first half of 2009, due to the impact of the global financial crisis, the domestic economy experienced a certain decline, and the related export trade was greatly affected, and the development of the soft foam material industry slowed down. In 2008, the market size was 5.483 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.58%. In 2009, the market size was 6.119 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of 11.60%. Compared with the previous two years, there were different degrees of decline. From the second half of 2009, the global economy began to recover, and the development of domestic appliances, electronic products, sports and leisure and other related industries began to slowly recover to the development speed before the financial crisis. It is expected that after 2010, my country's soft foam material industry will continue to develop rapidly, and the annual growth rate is expected to exceed 15%. By 2012, the market size will reach 10 billion yuan. Soft Foam Material Soft foam material is made of plastic (PE, EVA, etc.), rubber (SBR, CR, etc.) and other raw materials, plus catalysts, foam stabilizers, foaming agents and other auxiliary materials, through physical foaming or cross-linking foaming to make plastics. A large number of fine foams appear in and rubber, the volume increases, the density decreases, the soft foam material is light in weight, good in softness, has functions such as buffering, sound absorption, shock absorption, heat preservation, filtration, etc. It is widely used in electronics, home appliances, automobiles, sports and leisure. and other industries. Structural Foam Structural foam materials are based on plastics (PVC, PET, etc.), etc., and are modified by a penetrating aramid polymer network. They have the same low density as soft foam materials, but have high strength, suitable for demanding requirements. High-end fields with light materials and high strength are mainly used in wind power generation, rail transit, yachts, aerospace, building energy conservation and other industries. The field of new materials such as polymer materials has always been a high-tech industry supported by the state. Especially in the "Decision of the State Council on Accelerating the Cultivation and Development of Strategic Emerging Industries" issued in 2010, the "new material" industry was included. Strategic emerging industries, and issued a number of incentive policies for technology research and development, finance and other aspects. In addition, in recent years, my country has achieved a number of innovations in the production process of polymer foam materials, the product performance has been gradually improved, and the application fields have been broadened, which will further promote the faster development of the polymer foam material industry. Suzhou Shincell New Material Co.,Ltd. is a professional foam sheet manufacturers, if you want to know more, please click the official website to contact us, we are willing to answer more for you
Will supercritical foaming materials become the mainstay of the material industry in the future?
Original UTPE2022-10-12 17:17 Jiangsu With the development of science and technology, supercritical foaming technology has been widely used in various fields. And this process has gradually become an ‘overwhelming’ force, slowly immersing into the market. The principle of microcellular foaming of supercritical fluid The fluid with temperature and pressure above the critical point are called supercritical fluids (SCF in short). The properties of supercritical fluid are unique. Its density, diffusion coefficient, and solvation capacity are very flexible with the changes of temperature and pressure. Its viscosity and diffusion coefficient are more close to that of a gas, while its density and solvation capacity are more close to that of a liquid.   The basic principle of supercritical microcellular foaming is to take advantage of the flexibility of gas solubility in the polymer with the changes of pressure and temperature. That is, first to saturate the polymer with gas (CO2/N2) under certain temperature and pressure. Then make the polymer expand by forming countless microcells inside (in a thermodynamically unstable state) by a quick depressurization/cooling.   Pics From Shincell The foaming process can be divided into 4 stages, namely: (1) Saturate the polymer matrix with the supercritical fluid to reach a polymer/gas homogeneous system; (2) A sudden rise in temperature or drop in pressure makes the gas in the homogeneous system reach a supersaturated state, that is, a thermodynamically unstable state, thereby causing bubble nucleation; (3) The gas quickly diffuses into the bubble nucleus, and the bubble gradually grows; (4) Rapid cooling completes the shaping of the cell structure.   Supercritical foaming technology is the most effective method for producing microcellular plastics, which has been under rapid development in the recent 20 years. Advantages of microporous plastic products (1) High specific strength and high cost performance It can greatly improve the dimensional accuracy of products and shorten the product development cycle. (2) Significantly reduce product residual stress It improves the warpage and deformation of the product, and eliminates the sink marks on the surface. (3) Cost-efficient, green and environmental friendly The raw materials are effectively saved- the cost of the foaming agent is low. The process of the supercritical foaming and its equipment are simple, which shortens the molding cycle of thin-walled products. (4) Low viscosity- easy to fill the mold The fluidity of the mixed sol can be enhanced by 20% to 40%. Supercritical foam materials are widely used in transportation, sports equipment, ships, aerospace, furniture, decorations, toys, protective equipment, packaging industries and etc.. Footware Supercritical foaming technology has gradually become an "overwhelming" force in the field of shoe materials, and is slowly spreading over the market. The TPU material using supercritical foaming technology has a return rate of 99%. It is really the king of kings! Adidas Futurecraft.Loop- made to be remade The FUTURECRAFT.LOOP shoes embody a transformative design concept. Using only one type of material and a glue-free method to create athletic footwear, Adidas aims at recycling in a closed loop. Each part of the shoe is made from reusable TPU materials. TPU materials are spun into yarn, then being woven, fixed and fused to the BOOST midsole using technology provided by adidas SPEEDFACTORY. Vehicles Supercritical foam materials are used in automotive interiors, rail transit and so on with their unique advantages: 1) No VOC, no peculiar smell- completely odor-free; 2) Lightweight- the density can be as low as 30Kg/m3, reducing the weight of the whole vehicle; 3) Lightweight and high-strength, having better comprehensively mechanical properties than traditional foam materials; 4) Non-crosslinking means recyclable capability; 5) Excellent thermal insulation, cushioning performance, waterproof and sound insulation performance. New energy battery Supercritical foamed #MPP and #FR-MPP are used as battery buffer for new energy batteries. It has excellent properties such as lightweight, low thermal conductivity, good cushioning performance, flame-retardant without toxic gas, nonabsorbency, high volume resistivity and Long-term aging resistance.  From #Shincell Application in 5G Industry Supercritical foamed #MPP is used in 5G radomes. Its high strength meets the requirements of wind resistance and anti-aging for over 10 years outdoors. The material is water-proof with a superhydrophobic layer similar to the surface of lotus leaves. Low dielectric constant as low as 1.06, low dielectric loss, dielectric angle tangent smaller than 0.0009.   With the continuous improvement of our wind turbine technology and the steady capacity growth of wind power, it led directly to cost reductions. What used to be expensive is now the cheapest new energy source in many places. Chinese government also canceled subsidies for the wind power industry from 2020 to 2022. It is believed that supercritical foam materials will be applied to more fields in the future!
What Are The General Aspects Of Fitness Mats?
A fitness mat is a mat that is placed underneath when practicing yoga. Yoga is suitable for all kinds of people, and there are many kinds of yoga mats that accompany practitioners. 1. Look At The Thickness Generally speaking, it is recommended for beginners to choose a 6mm thick yoga mat, because a thicker one can provide more protection to the body and avoid injury. But don't blindly pursue high thickness. After all, yoga is a sport that attaches great importance to balance. Too thick mats can easily lead to an unstable center of gravity, which is not conducive to the perception of action. Thickened mats on the market are generally used for fitness exercises such as sit-ups (this type of mat is actually a fitness mat). Yoga mats with medium thickness are generally around 4mm and 5mm, which are suitable for advanced users, but beginners should not consider it! As for the 1.5mm-3mm thin yoga mat, it is more suitable for advanced people, and because of its lightness, friends who go to the gym more can consider it. 2. Look At The Type Different types of mats have different requirements. Therefore, when beginners choose a yoga mat, they also need to consider the type of yoga they learn. If you are practicing yoga that focuses on soft training, you will need to sit on a mat. At this time, you should choose a thicker and softer yoga mat. If you are practicing yoga with relatively large movements such as strength yoga and Flow Yoga, you need to buy a thinner and harder yoga mat. If the cushion is too soft, it is not conducive to the performance of the movement. If the yoga practiced is between the previous two, it is best to choose a thinner one. Because the thick pad will have a "distortion" feeling when doing some movements. 3. Look At Practicality The yoga practice in the promotion stage pays more attention to the practice of introspection. All yoga postures are basically understood, but muscle stretching, skeletal strength, and breathing may need to be diligent at this stage, so the yoga mat pays more attention to the guiding function practicability. Only by practicing precise yoga postures can you better understand the movement of each cell in the body. Precautions For The Purchase Of Fitness Mats 1. No Peculiar Smell You must know that when practicing yoga, the body needs to be in close contact with the yoga mat. If the purchased yoga mat has an odor, I believe that mothers can't learn yoga happily! Moreover, odorous yoga mats can also affect your health. 2. Pay Attention To The Flatness Of The Yoga Mat Generally, yoga mats with good texture are flat. If they are not flat, they will also cause discomfort during practice. Therefore, when purchasing, be sure to lay it flat on the ground and observe it carefully. 3. Pay Attention To The Surface Of The Yoga Mat Gently push the surface of the yoga mat with your hands, and your hands will feel dry. If you feel slippery, you will also be prone to slipping and falling while practicing. Suzhou Shincell New Material Co.,Ltd. is a wholesale mats, if you want to know more, please click the official website to contact us, we are willing to answer more for you
What Material Is The Foam Board?
Foam board is a kind of polymer material formed by a large number of gas micropores dispersed in solid plastic. It has the characteristics of light weight, heat insulation, sound absorption, shock absorption, etc., and its dielectric properties are better than that of matrix resin, so it is widely used. Foam boards can be divided into soft, rigid and semi-rigid foams in between according to their flexibility. Rigid foams can be used as thermal insulation materials and sound insulation materials, insulation materials for pipes and containers, and floating materials. And shock-absorbing packaging materials, etc.; soft foam is mainly used as cushion material, foam artificial leather, etc. Advantages of foam board: 1. The bulk density is very low, which can reduce the packaging weight and reduce the transportation cost; 2. It has excellent absorption of shock and vibration energy, which can greatly reduce the damage of products when used for buffering and shock-proof packaging; 3. It has strong adaptability to changes in temperature and humidity, and can meet the requirements of general packaging conditions; 4. Low water absorption, low hygroscopicity, good chemical stability, will not corrode the contents, and have strong resistance to acids, alkalis and other chemicals; 5. Low thermal conductivity, can be used for thermal insulation packaging, such as ice cream cups, fast food containers and thermal insulation fish boxes. Suzhou Shincell New Material Co.,Ltd. is a professional foam sheet manufacturer, if you want to know more, please click the official website to contact us, we are willing to answer more for you
Arkema and Decathlon Revealed Their New Series After Mutual Efforts: KIPRUN's New KD900X High Performance Running Shoes
Bulletin of Thermoplastic elastomers 2022-09-21 17:50, Guangdong, China In early September, Arkema Group and sportswear designer DECATHLON announced the result of their collaboration: KIPRUN's new KD900X high-performance running shoe. KIPRUN selected Arkema and its Pebax® high performance materials to support its ambition of developing top performance running shoes. Pebax® elastomers are widely acclaimed for their lightweight, excellent reactivity, and superior energy rebound compared to commonly used materials such as EVA or TPU. The highlight of KIPRUN's new KD900X is the use of Pebax® foam and carbon board support material for achieving speed and good performance of long range. KIPRUN indicated that the KD900X series could be durable up to 1000 km.About Pebax® Nylon elastomer Pebax® elastomer is polyether amide block (in short #Peba), composed of rigid polyamide and flexible polyether blocks. It has excellent properties such as ultra-light weight, high energy rebound, low temperature resistance, high cushion performance, high flexibility, permanent antistatic property, air permeability and so on. Nylon elastomer is the common name of thermoplastic polyamide-based elastomer, abbreviated as TPAE. TPAE is a thermoplastic semi-crystalline copolymer composed of rigid polyamide hard segment and flexible polyether or polyester embedded soft segment.  There are many kinds of TPAE according to the different components of hard segment and soft segment. At present, most of the nylon elastomers on the market are poly(ether-block-amide), in short PEBA. For Pebax, polyether soft segment provides it excellent flexibility and high resilience. While polyamide hard segment gives it enough rigidity, excellent low temperature resistance and high cushion performance.From Arkema official website From the figure above, we could tell that the #elasticity of #TPU material is similar to that of #Pebax at room temperature. But at low temperature, Pebax is more elastic than TPU material. That is to say, the performance of Pebax is relatively stable with the temperature change. Besides, it is more light-weight than TPU. Reducing weight is vital to running shoes, especially professional running shoes. Light-weight makes it easier to lift your feet and run lighter. From Arkema website