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Advanced Process Technology

Suzhou Shincell New Material Co., Ltd.

Shincell is a company dedicated to developing sustainable foaming technologies and manufacturing clean, environmentally friendly lightweight foam materials.

And it's a professional China high-strength foam materials manufacturer and microcellular foam board factory.

We use N2 and CO2 gases commonly found in the air to expand plastics and form a large number of micro and nano bubbles inside, a purely physical foaming process.Shincell was founded by Dr. Xiulei Jiang. He started his research on supercritical fluid foaming technology at East China University of Science and Technology in 2003 and proposed the technical process of supercritical molded microcellular foaming. His early interest lies in lightweight and high-strength foam materials, and his main product is PP microcellular foam sheets.
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Sports & Footwear Shincell specializes in the development and green manufacturing of clean and environmentally friendly high performance lightweight polymer foams.We use N2 and CO2 gases commonly found in the air to expand the plastic and form a large number of micro and nano bubbles inside. This is a purely physical foaming process with no chemical blowing agents added and no chemical cross-linking during the foaming process. Compared with traditional foaming materials, our material is recyclable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and meets the needs of sustainable development. Our solution solves the pain points of traditional foamed shoe materials which are toxic and harmful, not durable and not friendly to the environment, and greatly increases the compression resistance and resilience performance. TPU foam sheet is suitable for insole, midsole and filler. PEBA/PEBAX and TPEE foam sheetl are more suitable for midsole. Shincell's sustainable solutions: 1.The decomposition of existing chemical foaming agents for footware materials produces harmful substances and irritating odors Shincell - foaming with air, colorless, tasteless and non-toxic, belongs to the "three free products" 2.EVA foaming material performance decay and poor durability Shincell-can achieve self-repair, continue to provide a surge of power and gentle care 3.Limited choice of materials, performance into the bottleneck Shincell - a variety of high-performance elastomer support, combat power explosion 4.Existing footware materials are not friendly to the environment and cannot be reused Shincell - recyclable and bio-based raw materials 5.High unit cost of new foams already on the market Shincell-optimized process to achieve higher cost performance
Excellent and stable product quality
The company's raw materials are mainly from BASF, Huntsman, DuPont, first-class production process design and process control, each batch of products more stable, to obtain efficient production control.
World leading technology
We are the first company in the world to realize TPU/TPEE/PEBA/ PA12 sheet foaming and the second company in the world to realize PVDF sheet foaming, with leading technology and advanced equipment, and with strong market competitiveness.
Continuous and reliable product supply
The company has sufficient production capacity and a high degree of control over the quality and stable supply of raw materials, laying the foundation for continuous production.
Fast and intimate extended service
The company has always insisted on seamless service, carefully built an after-sales service team consisting of technical backbone, helped customers solve problems, established a customer file system, and strived to make the after-sales service faster and more intimate.
What Is PVDF In PVDF Foam Sheet?
I believe everyone knows PVDF foam sheet, but do you know what PVDF is in PVDF foam sheet? Today I will tell you what PVDF is. Polyvinylidene fluoride, or PVDF for short, is a highly non-reactive thermoplastic fluoropolymer. It can be synthesized by the polymerization of vinylidene fluoride. Soluble in strong polar solvents such as dimethylacetamide. Excellent anti-aging, chemical resistance, weather resistance, UV radiation resistance and other properties. It can be used as engineering plastics, used to make sealing ring corrosion-resistant equipment, capacitors, and also used as coatings, insulating materials and ion exchange membrane materials. PVDF is mainly used in occasions that have extremely high requirements on purity and also need to resist solvent and acid and alkali corrosion. Compared to other fluoropolymers, such as PTFE, PVDF has a lower density (1.78 g/cm). PVDF can be used to produce insulating sheaths for pipes, sheets, films, substrates and cables. At the same time, it can also be injection molded or welded, and is widely used in the chemical, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and defense industries. For example, it can be used to make lithium-ion batteries. In addition, it can be made into cross-linked closed-cell foam, which is increasingly used in aerospace. Fine powder grades of PVDF, such as KYNAR 500 PVDF and HYLAR 5000 PVDF, can be used to manufacture high-end metallic coatings. This coating has very high gloss and color stability. This paint can be found in many famous buildings, such as Petronas Twin Towers, Taipei 101. This coating can also be used for metal roofing of commercial buildings and residences. Since PVDF membranes have non-specific affinity for amino acids, they can be used to immobilize proteins in Western blot assays. Suzhou Shincell New Material Co.,Ltd. is a professional foam sheet manufacturers, click on the official website to contact us if you need it, we are willing to solve your problems
How To Choose Mtpu Kids Yoga Mat
How to choose MTPU kids yoga mat, the following is how to choose and operate the kids yoga mat 1. Whether it is a yoga novice or a yoga veteran, or a friend who just stretches his waist occasionally, you should always keep a yoga mat at home for emergencies. 2. The floor of the dance classroom is generally a wooden floor. What to lay on it is selected according to the content of the dance teaching. It is generally common that thick carpets should be used on the floor of the carpet class classroom. 3. There are many types of yoga mats, and different types of yoga mats are different in terms of material, size and thickness, which makes friends who come into contact with yoga mats for the first time often "touch their eyes in the dark", and most beginners yoga mats on the market It is made of NBR (rubber) material. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the choice of yoga mat material, but the size of the yoga mat is confusing. 4. PVC is currently used more in the market, with high cost performance and various colors, but its elasticity is general; compared with PVC, TPE is better in terms of toughness, elasticity, and anti-slip effect, you can also call it PVC It is an upgraded version of PVC, and it is an environmentally friendly material that is currently relatively optimistic. The only disadvantage is that it is not as durable as PVC; 5. The anti-skid effect of natural rubber is very good, and the performance in terms of resilience, tear resistance and environmental protection is also very good, and the service life is as long as ten years. have allergic reaction; 6. A small number of people will choose a yoga mat made of flax, but it is not pure flax, but a mixture of flax rubber mat and flax PNV. Although various properties such as anti-skid, wear-resistant and environmental protection are the best, the smell will be very heavy; NBR has a thicker cushion, so the cushioning force and shock absorption function are very good, which is more suitable for beginners, but the dirt resistance, resilience and slip resistance are also average. In addition, the service life is not long, and naturalization has gradually faded out of the market. Suzhou Shincell New Material Co.,Ltd. is a professional MTPU Mat manufacturers. If you need it, you can click the official website to contact us
The Era of Power Battery-BMW's New Factories
When Chinese power battery enterprises were elaborate to keep away from the United States, a good opportunity came from Europe. On 9th Sep., BMW officially announced that six battery factories will be built around the world, two each in Europe, China and North America. Every factory will have a production capacity of 20GWh. The four in Europe and China will be built by the Chinese battery companies CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd.) and EVE Power. BMW claimed that these factories are built for the needs of its next generation of electric models starting from 2025. An agreement worth over 10 billion euros on supply of battery cells has been offered to CATL and EVE Power. What is the concept of a large order exceeding 10 billion euros? As you may know, BMW's procurement budget for the next generation of batteries is only 20 billion euros. That is, BMW has invested more than half of its budget and put two-thirds of its factory construction work on Chinese companies. At present, the location of the Chinese factories is not yet known. However, the two European factories will be located in the city of Debrecen, Hungary with the disclosure of the two battery companies. This location does not come as a surprise. In Mar. 2022, Eve Power announced the land purchase in Debrecen and planed to build a factory to produce batteries. In Aug., CATL announced that it would invest no more than 7.34 billion euros to build a battery factory in Debrecen. It aims to supply the needs of European customers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen and etc.. The factory will be constructed in stages. The total production capacity is expected to be 100GWh after completion. Now, the considerations behind the decisions of the two companies have come to light. Here we usher in a battery cell layout right across the Eurasian continent. In fact, BMW has a deep relationship with the CATL. CATL developed from ATL. At first, CATL was only a department of automotive power battery in ATL. Who is CATL’s batteries customer? It's BMW. As early as 2011, BMW caught a glimpse of ATL-the future to be power battery giant CATL. Not only BMW trusted them with his battery supply of electric models, but also generously provided hundreds of pages of technical documents. BMW’s support has laid a solid foundation for the successful transformation of CATL. Nevertheless, BMW also invested money directly. In Jul. 2018, one month after the listing of CATL on the GEM., BMW Brilliance, a joint venture of BMW in China, quickly signed a long-term purchase agreement as well as planed customized production lines with CATL. Which included prepayment of RMB 2.8525 billion for purchase agreement and RMB 815 million for customization! According to news report, BMW owned this production line, which was built and produced in accordance with BMW's technical requirements. It was"highly customized". At that time, BMW Brilliance also had the priority to participate in the equity financing of CATL. Up to now, all the batteries of BMW Brilliance’s electric models in China have been supplied by CATL. Therefore, this large order of tens of billions brought by BMW can be viewed reconnecting with the CATL. Zeng Yuqun, chairman of CATL, once said: "BMW Group is a special and important partner of CATL." A "special" partner, which really means a lot! This is a different era. Back to the early 1980s, Chinese batteries were totally a mess. At that time, paste-type batteries were used. Although this kind of battery played an important role in China's aid to Vietnam and the border war, the quality was really bad with leakage and current instability. That was the reason why the dry batteries seized on the battlefield were treated as treasure. Nowadays, nobody cares about that stuff. China has produced half of the world's batteries around 2008. Today China has a huge production capacity for new energy batteries, which even makes the United States feel threatened.FROM 智谷子 智谷趋势 20220914
Characteristics Of M-tpee Foam Board
By adjusting the ratio of soft and hard segments, the hardness of TPEE foam board can be from Shore D30-82, and its elasticity and strength are between rubber and plastic. Compared with other thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), under low strain conditions, TPEE modulus is higher than other thermoplastic elastomers of the same hardness. When modulus is an important design condition, using TPEE can reduce the cross-sectional area of ​​the product and reduce the amount of material. TPEE foam board has extremely high tensile strength. Compared with polyurethane (TPU), the compressive modulus and tensile modulus of TPEE are much higher. If the same part is made of TPEE and TPU with the same hardness, the former can withstand greater load. Above room temperature, TPEE has a high flexural modulus, and is not as hard as TPU at low temperatures, so it is suitable for making cantilever beams or torque-type parts, especially for high-temperature parts. TPEE has good low temperature flexibility, low temperature notched impact strength is better than other TPEs, and wear resistance is comparable to TPU. Under low strain conditions, TPEE has excellent fatigue resistance and low hysteresis loss. This feature, combined with high elasticity, makes the material an ideal material for multiple cyclic loading conditions, gears, rubber rollers, flexible Both couplings and belts can be used. Suzhou Shincell New Material Co.Ltd. is a professional Foam Sheet Manufacturers. If you need it, you can enter the official website and contact us. We are willing to answer your questions.
What is MTPU Baby Play Mat
The MTPU baby play mat is sandwiched with a layer of resin cotton or sponge to increase the softness of the product, with bright colors and various patterns, giving the baby a fun and safe space for activities; the play mat also has a bracket, which can be removed; There are teether rattles, music boxes and other supporting toys, which are colorful. The designer cleverly uses different fabrics and sound-producing accessories to arrange a number of gadgets on the play mat, so that babies can try to use sound, vision and touch to explore their little world; toy accessories in different positions can help babies develop physical movements, Develop sensory intelligence; sound devices such as rattles and ringing papers on the mat can stimulate the baby's auditory nerve and develop their hearing; while grasping and playing with the small pendant, it can strengthen the baby's hand muscles and encourage the baby to learn to crawl; when the baby is tired from playing You can lie down directly on the mat to sleep, soft and comfortable. MTPU baby play mat is also a mother-infant product for exercising your baby to crawl, walk, play, and help your baby recognize animals, colors and numbers. The game pad is light and easy to carry and easy to clean. It is very suitable for outdoor travel and outdoor activities. We are a wholesale mats factory. We have professional technology and believe that we can meet your needs. If you need it, you can click the official website to contact us
What Is Foam Board? What's The Effect
Foam board is one of many boards, but many friends don't know much about it, and even question, can foam board also be used as board? Let's take a look at the introduction and function of foam board. 1. What Is Foam Board? Foam board is a branch of plastic foam or plastic sheet. In other words, it is the result of foam washing of plastic sheets or sheet-like foam, which is generally divided into the following categories: 1. Polyethylene Foam Board (EPE) It is usually a soft material processed by using butane or peroxide as a foaming agent, or a sheet composite formed by making a thinner EPE sheet and then heat-bonding. Mainly used for buffer packaging, sound insulation, heat insulation, etc. Its foaming ratio is 20-30 times, which is a high foaming material. 2. Polypropylene (PP) And Abs Foam, The foaming principle is the same as above. Mainly used in automobiles, electrical appliances and other fields. It is generally used as the insulation layer of the building, and it is generally placed on the outside of the building, which can effectively isolate the heat and ensure a constant room temperature. In addition, the foam wall is cheap, effective and widely used. 3. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Foam Usually, air or foamable substances are added to the formula of PVC sheet, and a plate-shaped profile formed by a T-shaped machine head is mainly used for foaming the core layer, and the foaming ratio is less than 15 times. It is mainly used in various architectural decoration occasions. 2. What Is The Function Of Foam Board 1. If the building uses foam board, it will protect the main structure of the building and prolong the service life of the building. This is because the insulation layer of the foam board is placed on the outside of the structure, which greatly reduces the deformation of the structure due to poor temperature changes, and reduces the erosion of the building structure by harmful substances in the air and ultraviolet rays. 2. It can also improve the humidity of the building wall. Generally, indoor thermal insulation needs to set up a vapor barrier, but the use of external thermal insulation materials can make the temperature permeability far stronger than the main structure of the building itself. In addition, condensation will not occur inside the wall, which increases the temperature of the entire wall of the structural layer, thereby further enhancing the thermal insulation performance of the wall. 3. Of course, this kind of board is also conducive to maintaining the stability of the indoor temperature. Since the structural layer with a large heat storage capacity of the wall is on the inside of the wall, it can keep the room temperature stable. It can also increase the usable area of ​​the house, and also avoid the possibility of damage to the building insulation layer caused by the secondary decoration. We are a professional manufacturer of foam boards. We have professional technology. If you need it, you can enter the official website and contact us.
The Right Time To Use Supercritical Foam As A Shoe Material, Such As Adidas|nike|lining|anta|xtep|peak|jordan.
The supercritical foaming process has the advantages of being clean, green, excellent foaming performance, etc. In the past two years, the application of shoe materials is becoming more and more mature, and continue to expand the application of components and materials, of which the shoe midsole is the most common application, and began to expand to the insole, the type of foam material covers EVA, TPU, TPEE, nylon elastomer, etc. 1. Supercritical Foam Is Increasingly Used In Midsole Applications Supercritical foam shoe material most easily associated with people should be "popcorn" ETPU shoe midsole, it is more common process is TPU through the autoclave-type supercritical foam equipment to get foam particles, and then through water vapor, microwave radiation, PU bonding, and other molding processes, and finally get supercritical ETPU shoe midsole. The foaming process of the nylon elastomer and TPEE midsole is similar to ETPU. But in addition to supercritical autoclave-type foaming, TPU, nylon elastomer, and TPEE can also get the sheet through a supercritical extrusion foaming process and then cut to get the shoe midsole. The most common EVA shoe midsole, with technological breakthroughs, also began to use the supercritical foam process, according to preliminary understanding, the common process route is: EVA blended, cross-linked, pressed into the shoe blank, and then through supercritical molding foam to get the shoe midsole. 2. Sports Brands Have Stepped Up Based on the advantages of supercritical foam shoe midsoles such as green, excellent resilience, and no chemical foam residue, sports brands such as Adidas, Nike, Sketchers, Puma, Anta, Li Ning, Xtep, Peak, Jordan, and 361 degrees have increased the number of shoes with supercritical foam midsoles. As you can see from the above, there have been many applications of supercritical foam shoe midsoles. In terms of insoles, the C37 2.0 soft running shoe released by Anta uses supercritical foam insoles. Although the supercritical foam insole has appeared before, at that time it was an ETPU particle molding insole, which did not take advantage of the cost, performance, technology, molding molds, and other aspects. And Anta will be supercritical foam insoles used in C37 2.0 running shoes, indicating that the process has matured to a relatively low cost, the official did not say which material, there may be a guess is estimated to be supercritical foam EVA sheet. Whether it is the midsole or the insole, the application of the supercritical foaming process in the shoe material is a manifestation of the sustainable, green industry development trend. We are a professional manufacturer of foam boards. We have advanced technology for making foam boards. We can give you different products. If you need it, you can contact us for consultation.
The Difference Between Supercritical Foaming And Chemical Foaming
The Essential Difference Between Supercritical Foaming And Chemical Foaming Physical Foaming: carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other gases are treated by high temperature and pressure, the supercritical fluid acts as a foaming agent, and the process of supercritical fluid becoming a gas under normal temperature and pressure is a physical change. Chemical Foaming: azodicarbonamide, sodium bicarbonate, and other chemical foaming agents, take azodicarbonamide (also known as AC foaming agent) as an example, it produces nitrogen, and carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and ammonia when decomposed by heat, the process is a chemical change. The advantages and disadvantages of them and process comparison Supercritical Foaming: Supercritical foams prepare pure foaming materials with food safety grade and can have good compatibility with skin. Compared with chemical foaming, supercritical foaming has a finer pore structure and more stable performance. Supercritical foams have greater impact strength, better thermal stability, toughness, good acoustic properties, lower thermal conductivity, and thermal conductivity. The long maturation time will affect the production efficiency, and the rapid temperature rise or rapid pressure relief has higher requirements for energy and equipment safety. Chemical Foaming (Take Azodicarbonamide As An Example): It has the largest air generation capacity, more uniform bubble holes, superior performance, and wide range of uses. Decomposition temperature can be adjusted and does not affect the curing and molding speed, the process is very mature. AC foam is yellow crystal, and decomposition is easy to produce more by-products, such as particle size is not fine enough will lead to more by-products, resulting in products with a taste, color deviation. Development Trend of Foaming Process Supercritical foaming is an emerging process, In the past traditional chemical foaming of some materials was difficult to achieve lightweight, low-density performance, and the development of supercritical foaming technology can be made more materials to achieve lightweight, low-density performance, while having the advantages of environmental protection and clean, but also in line with the current carbon neutral large development strategy. We are also a professional research foam board manufacturer, if you want to know more, please contact us.